Collaborating with Nazis in the Counterjihad


If the Counterjihad isn’t for a free society, then it stops being a grand struggle and becomes a choice of evils.

Stalin, Putin, and the Challenges of Memory


The high price of denial.

Laudatory Tributes for Saul Landau


Major U.S. newspapers celebrate a supporter of repressive communist regimes.

Diana West’s Attempt to Respond


Two claims to refute my review, both false.

The Red Fascism of Colonel Chavez

Venezuela's President Chavez speaks next to Iran's President Ahmadinejad during an agreement-signing ceremony in Tehran

Why the Venezuelan comandante was the real successor of Stalin and Hitler.

Soviet Crimes Against the Jewish People


A new initiative sets out to document the historical record of Soviet Jew-Hate and its consequences.

Ideological Sociopath: Stalin Reads Machiavelli


The consequences of considering vice a virtue.

The Virtue of Lucidity: Yuri Glazov and the Fate of Communism


A Soviet dissident’s account of totalitarianism’s haunting infiltration of the Russian psyche.

How Stalin Fooled the World and Why It Matters Today


Every time appeasers push “diplomatic solutions,” we find ourselves back sitting across the table from Uncle Joe.

Untold History of the USSR


The backstory to Oliver Stone’s neo-communist encyclopedia.