Stalin’s Dead Hand


Why the fight over the tyrant’s true brutal legacy is the fight for the future of Russia.

Oliver Stone: America Is a ‘Fascist Force’


Michael Kazin’s interview with Stone and Kuznick reveals the camp in which the whole Left resides.

We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here

red flag

Socialists sell false hope in a red music box.

Oliver Stone’s Cold War Melodrama


A Hate-America documentary series blames the U.S. for Soviet expansionism.

Oliver Stone’s Untrue History: Stalin the Great Hero of WWII


Castro’s worshiper weaves a twisted tale of America’s immoral and minor role in the Second World War.

Preserving Cold War History


Stepping into the world behind the Iron Curtain.

Oliver Stone’s Unbelievable Crap


A communist filmmaker brings his latest perverse attack on America to Showtime.

Intellectuals Rally to Eulogize Stalinist Eric Hobsbawm


A historian who refused to learn from history.

The Totalitarians Within


Stalinism, Islam and history’s lessons for today.

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Church of England Targets Israel


British Jewish community considers severing interfaith ties.

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