We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here

red flag

Socialists sell false hope in a red music box.

Oliver Stone’s Cold War Melodrama


A Hate-America documentary series blames the U.S. for Soviet expansionism.

Oliver Stone’s Untrue History: Stalin the Great Hero of WWII


Castro’s worshiper weaves a twisted tale of America’s immoral and minor role in the Second World War.

Preserving Cold War History


Stepping into the world behind the Iron Curtain.

Oliver Stone’s Unbelievable Crap


A communist filmmaker brings his latest perverse attack on America to Showtime.

Intellectuals Rally to Eulogize Stalinist Eric Hobsbawm


A historian who refused to learn from history.

The Totalitarians Within


Stalinism, Islam and history’s lessons for today.

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Church of England Targets Israel


British Jewish community considers severing interfaith ties.

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Fear and Loathing of Reality at ‘The Nation’


The Left’s flagship publication continues its legacy of defending totalitarian movements.

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Strike Two for Marlin Manager Ozzie Guillen


The Miami Marlin’s recent praise for a Stalinist dictator went beyond the pale — but what about Castrophiles in the Democratic Party?

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