From 9/11 to 5/1


Just how good a day was Sunday for America?

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The Day The Quincy Cops Saved Obama From The Singing Tea Party Grandmas

Wednesday marked a day that legends are made of in the annals of American Law Enforcement.  President Obama gave a speech at the Oakley Lindsay Civic Center in Quincy, Illinois.  World Net Daily’s Chelsea Schilling reports that a group of about 200 Tea Party protesters, many of them grandmotherly types, gathered outside the auditorium.  They [...]

Lunch Break

“David, one of the finest renditions of our National Anthem, ever. My daughter, Tiffany Megan Dierdorff Enos (introduced here as Megan Enos) performed this at a Memorial Day game of the Portland Beavers (AAA baseball). Listen to how she hits the phrase “Our flag was still there.” Fabulous!”

Lunch Break is NewsReal’s daily apolitical post. (We [...]