The Muslim Brotherhood’s Man in the White House


Obama’s affection for the Islamic supremacist group has been unstinting.

Our Lost Howard Beale Moments


When will Americans say enough is enough?

State Department Covered Up Pedophilia by Ambassador Who Was Obama and Hillary Donor

"So he sexually abused a bunch of kids? What difference does it make?

Hillary Clinton covered up the sex abuse of children in exchange for the promise of 2016 cash. But what difference does it make?

Hillary Policy of Serving Up Benghazi Scapegoats May Be Backfiring

Hicks, a former U.S. diplomat in Libya, testifies before a congressional hearing on Benghazi, in Washington

Hillary alienated her natural allies at the State Department. Instead of taking responsibility, she began looking for people to blame.

More Secrets From Huma Abedin


The Muslim Brotherhood-linked Clinton aide has more than one “conflict of interest” in her closet.

Obama Pushes Funds for Islamists —- Trashes Their Christian Victims


How the State Dept. is promoting the funneling of money to Nigeria’s jihadist butchers.

Why the Senate Shouldn’t Give John Kerry a Pass


Obama’s Secretary of State nominee has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy debate since Vietnam.

State Department Sued for Funding Palestinian Terrorism

Croatia US Clinton

Where did billions in U.S. aid to the Palestinians go?

Deadly Statecraft in Libya


How the U.S. can avoid another Benghazi.

Obama Policy Encouraging Immigrants to Go on Public Dole


Food stamps don’t count as public assistance?