Potemkin Economy


After a “surprise contraction” in our economy, what could possibly go wrong?

‘Green’ Stimulus Money Funds Chinese Tech Advancement


Cutting edge military technology to be sold to the People’s Republic.

The Cost of Obama’s Green Leap Forward

obama green leap forward

Of that $80 billion in clean energy loans, grants, and tax credits, at least 10 percent has gone to companies that have since either gone bankrupt or are circling the drain.

The Truth About Government ‘Job Creation’


The unintended consequences of “stimulus.”

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Obama on the (Class) Warpath


The president bets on redistribution to guarantee his reelection.

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The EduJobs III Bailout


Time to try something else with the economy.

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The Government Job-Training Black Hole


President Obama’s idea of an “innovative” response to the ailing economy.

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John Hawkins Vs. Robert Reich On The Stimulus

When Barack Obama was originally pushing his ginormous stimulus bill, like many conservatives, I pointed out that it wasn’t going to work.
Among other things, I noted history has shown that stimulus bills of this sort don’t get the economy moving, I pointed out that there wasn’t even that much Keynesian stimulus in the bill  —  and [...]

The Anti-Incumbency Myth


Voters hate liberalism, not the establishment.

Stimulus or Sedative?


Obama won’t leave the economy alone long enough for it to recover.