Obama’s Red Lines a Matter of Mockery for the Mullahs


How the president has destroyed a crucial method of maintaining global security.

The Marshall Islands’ Cautionary Tale


The thread that runs between Obama’s policy toward Iran and his policy toward Israel.

Iran Unveils Strategy to Destroy US Navy with Desire for Martyrdom and Speedboats


“Relying on faith, on a desire for martyrdom, and Iran’s unique speedboats.”

‘Unprecedented’ EU Sanctions on Iran a Farce


The international community gives the Islamic Republic more time and cover in its march toward the bomb.

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Israel’s Strategic Importance Reaches New Level


US to deploy a record level of troops to Israel — will their stay be permanent?

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Iran’s Bluff?


What will the Mullahs really do if push comes to shove?

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Reagan and the Hormuz Doctrine


Why we need to respond to Iranian provocations like Reagan did.

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Stopping the EPA


An eleventh-hour court ruling saved the day for struggling Americans.

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Iranian War Drums


A showdown looms in the Strait of Hormuz.

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Iran Flexes Its Muscles


It will be a very lucky year if 2012 passes without a major confrontation.

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