Time to Reassess Israel’s Strategic Assumptions


Why the greatest threat may lie within.

India and Israel: The Ties That Bind


Why two great democracies should deepen their friendship.

Israel’s Reviled Strategic Wisdom


Time for the U.S. to follow the Jewish State’s lead in the chaotic Middle East?

Al-Qaeda’s Rising Leaders


What new strategy will they bring?

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Terrorist Unity and the Push for Statehood


Why the accord between Hamas and Fatah now?

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What MacArthur’s Farewell Teaches Us Today


How to wage an effective war.

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Obama’s Left Turn


Why the president has abandoned the centrist approach.

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National Security Mush


A strategy that isn’t a strategy.

From the Writings of David Horowitz: May 13, 2010

Following the liberation of Baghdad, historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote, “President George W. Bush has made a fatal change in the foreign policy of the United States. He has repudiated the strategy that won the Cold War—the combination of containment and deterrence … The Bush Doctrine reverses all that. The essence of our new strategy [...]

Democrats Prove Disconnect in Announcement of November Strategy

Democrats actually believe blaming Bush and pointing to healthcare will get them wins in November.