Nobody Believes In America’s Strength Anymore


How our enemies view the commander-in-chief — and the country.

Obama Enters Putin’s World


Weakness is the new strength, progressive foreign policy experts say.

A Gender-Neutral Army


The battlefield does not discriminate.

Israel at 65

An Israeli holds up a national flag atop a building in Jerusalem's Old City

A birthday party for a miracle.

Women in Combat


The great fraud of “gender neutral” standards.

Netanyahu Coalition Forming Dilemmas


The Israeli Prime Minister must be a biblical Solomon.

The Mullahs Make the Green Revolution Invisible to the Media


A group of Senators race to support the opposition as their struggle continues.

Totalitarian Sentimentality – by Roger Scruton


Why the Left is more attractive than the Right.



  For the complete HAMAS profile, click here. Excerpts from the HAMAS profile: Hamas is a radical fundamentalist group founded on December 14, 1987 by the Muslim Brotherhood…. Its avowed purpose is “liberating Palestine” from the Jew “oppressors,” whose presence in the Middle East it considers an affront to Muslims’ rightful sovereignty in the land of […]