Ignoring Anti-Semitism in the Name of Palestinian Solidarity at UC Davis


Who gets “free speech” and who doesn’t.

Backgrounder: The Students for Justice in Palestine


Making Jew-hate fashionable on campuses.

Students for Justice in Palestine Says Neo-Nazis are Right about Jews

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Felton claims the Jews are really European Khazars and were behind the Holocaust and 9/11.

Campus Free Speech: For Jew-Haters Only


A torrent of anti-Semitism follows the university’s suspension of Students for Justice in Palestine.

Campus Brownshirts Rising


The disturbing new heights of anti-Semitic fanaticism at U.S. universities.

After ZOA Campaign, Northeastern U. Axes Anti-Semitic SJP


A university finally takes a stand against campus Jew-hatred.

UT-Knoxville’s Newest Student Anti-Israel Hate Group


In case you feared there wasn’t enough Jew-hate on campus.

Islamic Supremacist Nominated as UC Student Regent


An official stamp of approval on a campus crusader for hate and anti-Semitism.

Johns Hopkins Denies Pro-Life Student Group, Allows Students for Justice in Palestine


The senator said, as a private university, “we have the right to protect our students from things that are uncomfortable. Why should people have to defend their beliefs on their way to class?”

Northeastern U’s Students for Justice in Palestine Cheerlead Hamas & Call for the Murder of Jews


The Unholy Alliance’s chilling display of hate.