A Grim Anniversary in Sudan

Time is Running Out

Two years of Islamists’ genocidal jihad — with the U.S.’s tacit approval.

Obama’s Brother’s Non-Profit Tied to Genocidal Muslim Dictator and Terrorists


Lois Lerner gave this application a fast green-light in June of 2011. The IRS made the non-profit status retroactive so as to not make lawbreakers out of the Foundation:

Obama’s Brother Works With Man Who Attacked U.S. Embassy

Kenya Obama's Brother

Is Malik Obama’s deep association with Sudan’s Hitler a news story?

Obama’s Self-Serving Hypocrisy on Protecting Civilians


Obama does not care about anybody’s civilians. He never did. When he begins war, it’s for an agenda that is entirely unrelated to the safety of civilians on the ground

UN of Terrorism Finance Meets in Country that Harbored Bin Laden

Shockingly this man is not a nice man

It’s a meeting do deal with financing terrorism in a genocidal country listed as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Egypt’s Morsi Visits Genocidal Dictator Who Murdered Countless Christians, Speaks of Common Enemies


Omar al-Bashir is the only head of state to be indicted on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity by the ICC. No Egyptian president had visited Sudan until Morsi.

Video: Islamic Slavery in Sudan Alive and Well


Where is the Left’s moral indignation about the Islamic-Arab racism against, and enslavement of, African blacks?

Genocidal Muslim Sudan Elected VP of Top UN Human Rights Body


The Obama Administration has been surprsingly silent on today’s vote. By contrast, in 2004, the U.S. ambassador famously walked out of ECOSOC after Sudan was elected.

A ‘Sudanese Genocide’ in Egypt?


Following down the same dark path as Islamist Khartoum.

Sudanese Islamists Financing Genocide by Wiping Out Africa’s Elephants


Several Somali elders said that the Shabab, the militant Islamist group that has pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda, recently began training fighters to infiltrate neighboring Kenya and kill elephants for ivory to raise money.