Defending Sudan’s Christians from Islamist Terror


Archbishop of York John Sentamu speaks out while too many other clerics stay silent.

The United Church of Canada’s Israel Boycott


But a conspicuous silence on real human rights atrocities around the world.

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Arab Sudan Feels the Pain of Oil Embargo


The new nation of South Sudan takes bold steps against its tormentors — but can it work?

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U.N. Me: New Documentary Not to Be Missed


A gripping exposé of the revered body’s corruption and uselessness.

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Sudan: A Battleground Between Iran and Israel


A budding Islamist romance develops.

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A Year of Bombs and Silence


Nuba genocide enters second year on Obama’s watch.

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Clooney Shines a Light on Sudan — But Terror Continues


In wake of star’s public arrest, the Nuba people face starvation.

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Sudan’s Nuba Mountain People Starved and Bombed


Why will the Obama administration not breathe a word about the Islamist-led extermination campaign?

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Protesting the Butchers of Sudan’s DC Lobbyist


The Islamist government has goals to accomplish in Washington.

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Sudan’s Recurring Nightmare


Hopes for a political solution are fleeting.

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