Turn Down for What?


Why the freedom from consequences promised by the Left isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

Poster Project Benefits Returning Vets

Gallant Few

Honoring real heroes.

Let’s Get Serious About Mental Illness


An affliction that transcends politics or ideology.

How Muslims Think


A true story of gratitude.

Al Qaeda in Jerusalem

Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Emboldened jihadists test the waters against a weakened America.

Terror Wave in Russia

Members of the emergency services work at the site of a bomb blast on a trolleybus in Volgograd

They were warned.

Islamerica, Eurabia and Eurasia


Muslim multicultural roadmaps to national suicide.

Female Suicide Bombers: ‘Palestine’s Illustrious Women’


Telling posts from the “moderate” Palestinians’ Facebook page.

A Palestinian in Texas


The lurid tale of Riad Elsolh Hamad.

Fight the Terrorists, Not the Bombs


Obsessing over al-Qaeda’s inventive new bombs gets us no closer to winning the War on Terror

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