Shiites: Syria War Will Ignite End Times


How the enemies of the West plan to bring back the Mahdi.

Syria, Lebanon and Christian Genocide


The forgotten victims of the civil war.

Shias: The Arab Spring’s Latest Victims


The blood-stained price of a Sunni supremacist takeover.

Sheikh Al-Bouti Dies By the Means He Promoted


Assad-supporting cleric meets the same bloody fate he prescribed for infidels and blasphemers.

Syrian Civil War Won’t End Even if Assad Falls


Diplomats can continue issuing statements about how Assad should step down, but the Syrian Civil War was never really about Assad, it was an Islamic Holy War with Syria’s Sunnis and Shiites acting as proxy armies for Shiite Iran and Sunni Turkey.

The New Egyptian-Iranian Axis?


A dangerous prospect for the West.

The Road to Damascus


Racing toward the end of the Syrian Civil War — when the real killing will begin.

Middle East Burning


The real war is much bigger than Gaza.

Morsi Visits the Mullahs


The first visit to the Islamic Republic by an Egyptian president since 1979.

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The Many Conflicts of Syria


The U.S. administration has a coherent policy for none of them.

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