Who Are the ‘Syrian People’?


Clinton again leads the international community in helping a Muslim Brotherhood-led movement gain power.

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War in the Gulf


The Iran-Iraq-Syria trinity has become every Sunni Arab prince’s worst nightmare.

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The Changing Face of Al Qaeda


In a new era of terrorism, divided enemies merge.

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Cracks in the Islamist Bloc


Iran & Syria vs. the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Iraq Under Siege


Bomb attacks rock Baghdad.

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Iraq Teeters


While Obama’s retreat is completed.

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A New Phase in Afghanistan?


Surprising sectarian violence rocks the country — did Pakistan play a role?

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What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East


Why is the Israeli-Arab Palestinian conflict the only story worth covering in the Western press?

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Egyptians’ Lust For War With Israel


Welcome to the Islamic character of the Arab Spring.

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Gunmen Dressed As Iraqi Army Torture, Slaughter 24 Sunni Muslims South Of Baghdad – Is This How To Decide An Election?

This just in from the “I Can’t Tell The Good Guys From the Bad Guys” department –  (photo of al-Maliki and Ahmadinejad above from Michelle Malkin’s website):
Gunmen wearing the uniforms of Iraqi army soldiers invaded a village south of Baghdad on Good Friday, rounded up at least thirty-one Sunni Muslims and killed twenty-four of them.  [...]