Shiites Go On Denying the Religious War


Sunnis kill Shiites. Shiites blame Israel.

Saudi Cleric Calls for Murdering Women and Children in Iraq


And he’s not exactly a fan of America either, declaring on Twitter, “O Allah, humiliate America and make them prey to your followers.”

UN Finally Admits Syria is a Holy War, Not a Rebellion


Fighters from around the world have filtered into Syria to join a civil war that has split along sectarian lines, increasingly pitting the ruling Alawite community against the majority Sunni Muslims, U.N. human rights investigators said on Thursday.

Shiite Cleric Explains Why Sunni Leaders Are Homosexuals


Yasser Habib delivers a sermon based on Islamic theology that defies description.

Iraq’s Coming Civil War


Obama’s post-withdrawal bloodbath.

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Symposium: The Transformation of Hamas?


Is Hamas ready to accept Israel and become a democratic force if engaged properly by the U.S.?

Blinded by Hate


The Palestinians’ support for Hezbollah, Hamas, and al-Qaeda explains much about the failures of the “peace process.”

Iraq’s New Crisis


A government ban of 500 election candidates threatens to derail the country’s political progress.