Obama Lied With Every Word


Perpetual falsehoods throughout the entire O’Reilly interview.

The Super Bowl Veers Left


The death of American values on the biggest American TV day.

Rush Limbaugh Scores the Gay Rights Superbowl


I’ll have to go with the Ravens in this case — especially since you have a team from San Francisco that really has been knocked off its game here on the issue of gays in the locker room, gay marriage, gay rights. They ought to be leading in that score. And they’re not. The Ravens are clearly dominant.

Fame Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry


Madonna goes mainstream, M.I.A. goes fringe.

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Halftime for Obama


If Detroit represents the struggle for America, we’re already doomed.

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Audi Green Police Ads Downright Offensive – Dakota Voice

I’m sure some idiot at Audi thought these “Green Police” commercials for the Super Bowl would be funny. I found them downright offensive and not the least bit funny. In the collection of ads below, you see a guy at the store pick “plastic” when the checkout gal asks “paper or plastic” and the Green […]