Christians Unite for Israel in Washington


An impassioned defense of the Jewish State.

Are American Jews Waking Up?


Why shrinking Jewish support for Obama may be too little, too late.

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Saudi Arabia Prosecutes PR Groups Aiding Terror


….While American PR firms and Twitter continue to provide PR cover to terrorism.

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Pakistan: An Enemy Regime


What America should do now over the duplicitous country.

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The Killing of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani


Why is the Vatican silent about this atrocity?

UN Prolongs Palestinian Problem


How a UN body fuels the fire of terror.

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Republican Face-Off


The GOP presidential candidate campaign takes off.

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Gates’ Gutsy Farewell


The Defense Secretary departs the world stage with blunt warnings.

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The Canadian Left Backs Upcoming Gaza Flotilla


Left-wing political leaders reach out hand of solidarity to terror.

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Andrew Sullivan’s Misguided Defense of the Regrettable Mr. Kushner

Andrew Sullivan

The Daily Beast blogger comes to the aid of a sick, evil culture.

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