Demonizing SCOTUS


The Left launches an attack against conservative justices.

Will SCOTUS Reverse Obama’s Recess Appointment Power Grab?


Tough questioning from the chief justices may mean a victory for the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton: Racial Demagogue

Hillary Clinton

Keeping Obama’s flames of ethnic hatred burning for 2016.

Justice Roberts Joins SCOTUS Libs in Freeing 10,000 Cali Convicts


Justice Alito said “the majority is gambling with the safety of the people of California.”

A Victory for Election Integrity


A game-changing decision from the Supreme Court — but the Left prepares for revenge.

Rimsha Masih’s Unending Nightmare


Pakistan high court renews the witch-hunt against a mentally handicapped Christian “blasphemer.”

Supreme Foolishness


Canadian high court decision exposes Christians to contempt and protects Muslims from criticism.

Canadian Supreme Court Kills Last Hope for Free Speech


Even stating factual information will be met with state oppression.

Reining In Obama’s Big Labor Activists


Private companies rejoice at high court’s ruling on the president’s unconstitutional recess appointments.

Arizona Begins Enforcing Immigration Law — For Now


But pro-illegal alien crusaders are gearing up for a fight.

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