Top Obama Lawyer Brings Anti-Israel Bias to High Court


Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem is like Russia’s control of Crimea?

Paul Singer Is Right: Argentina Must Pay Their Debts


An investor comes to a country’s rescue — and the government tries to make off with his money.

Supreme Court: Obama Is Out of Order

US Supreme Court

Devastating rulings from the high court put the imperial presidency in its place.

Lefties Angry Over Hobby Lobby Confuse Blog w/Supreme Court, Hilarity Ensues


“You ruled against the working people. Revolution is coming.”

Supreme Court Rebukes Obama Lawlessness


The unanimous decision rejecting the president’s “recess” appointments.

Supreme Court: Obama’s Recess Appointments Violated Constitution


This is the 12th time the Supreme Court unanimously challenged Obama’s executive power

From Latma to ‘Yisrael Hayom’


Popular media reforms thwarted in Israel — to benefit the Left.

One Cheer for the Schuette Decision


The devious methods universities use to ignore bans on racial preferences.

Michigan and the Backlash Against Race Preferences


Bans on affirmative action deemed constitutional as more states follow suit.

Demonizing SCOTUS


The Left launches an attack against conservative justices.