Conversions to Islam


At an alarming rate, Westerners strip themselves of their identity and past.

Will Obama Come For The Guns? — on The Finch Gang


A frightening glimpse into the Radical-in-Chief’s agenda for his second term.

Middle East Burning


The real war is much bigger than Gaza.

A Future Without Criticism of the Prophet Muhammad — on The Glazov Gang


Nancy Bonus, Josh Brewster and Rob Nelson analyze Obama’s dreams of Sharia.

Bowing and Scraping, Scandinavia-Style


In search of the ultimate in dhimmitude? Look to Norway!

When The First Amendment Died


Islam, free speech and double standards.

Caving To Pakistan


The tragedy of Obama’s foreign policy continues.

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The Hammerman Jews


What Rabbi Joshua Hammerman’s fear of Tim Tebow tells us about why so many Jews vote Democrat.

Obama’s Surrender in Iraq


The president disregards the hard-fought gains of our military and the private pleas of Iraqi leaders.

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Harry Reid


To view the full Harry Reid profile, click here. Excerpts from the Harry Reid profile: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was born in December 1939 in Searchlight, Nevada…. Over the course of his political career, Reid has been implicated in several serious ethics scandals…. Reid has been one of the Senate’s most vocal critics of the […]