Glenn Greenwald Enraged that Muslims with Terror Ties Under Surveillance

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The Leftist “journalist” omits inconvenient facts.

Stop Watching You? Why?


People who say “stop watching us!” usually have something to hide.

Bill de Blasio’s Open Door for Terrorists


The leftist running for mayor of New York wants to shut down NYPD counterterrorism.

We Don’t Have a Spying Problem — We Have an Immigration Problem

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Would domestic surveillance be necessary without so many enemy “American citizens” at large?

The Dumb Police State


A government that won’t suspect anyone in particular makes everyone a suspect.

Monitoring Islam-Critics in Norway


A well-funded effort is underway to crackdown on the counter-jihad movement.

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A Lawsuit Only Jihadists Could Love


N.J. Muslims sue NYPD to stop routine counterterror efforts.

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The Associated Press’ Undeserved Pulitzer


And the death of mainstream journalism.

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U.S. curtails use of airstrikes in assault on Marja –

MARJA, AFGHANISTAN — To the Marines of Bravo Company, the black-and-white video footage from a surveillance drone seemed to present the perfect shot: more than a dozen armed insurgents exiting a building and heading to positions to attack U.S. and Afghan forces seeking to wrest control of this Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan. Facing stiff […]