Susan Rice Slams Israeli Ambassador for Attending Jewish Republican Event


If Israelis converted to Islam, they could get better treatment from this administration.

Pentagon: Maybe General Susan Rice Shouldn’t be Running War on ISIS

U.N. Appeals Tribunal session

“Basic decisions that should take hours are taking days”

The Hell That Is the Obama White House


An agenda of destruction at home and abroad.

Susan Rice Still Bashing Israel Over Ukraine


Obama Inc. keeps looking for excuses to pick fights with Israel.

The Innocence of Hillary


It will never be Hillary’s fault.

Kerry Rebelled Against Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Agenda for Egypt


Asked about the Kerry-Rice split on Egypt policy, Graham said, “I’m in the Susan Rice camp.”

Susan Rice Blames Israeli Houses for Muslim Terrorism


Instead of condemning the Muslim terrorism, she’s condemning the Israeli houses.

Susan Rice’s Prize For Lies


A grand deceiver on Benghazi gets promoted to chief national security post.

Susan Rice Goes From Lying About Benghazi to Being the National Security Adviser


Susan Rice’s real qualification for the job is her willingness to cover up failures and scandals in exchange for appointments.

Rice: Investigation into Lies About Benghazi Worse Than Murder of Four Americans


The bigger tragedy is apparently not the crime or the coverup, but the investigation of the coverup. Just think. This woman could have been Secretary of State.