Swedish Man Charged with Islamophobic Honking Outside a Mosque


When the Caliphate finally comes to Sweden, hardly anyone will even notice the difference.

Feminist ‘Hijab Solidarity’?


Swedish derangement syndrome reaches new heights.

Crime and Non-Punishment in Sweden


Littering, jaywalking, gang rape – what’s the difference?

6 Muslims Sentenced to Community Service for Gang Rape of 15 Year Old Swedish Girl

Swedish jail cell

Five of the boys have been sentenced to over 100 hours of community service each

Denial About Stockholm


Even conservative magazines buy into the lie of what ignited the Swedish riots.

Muslim Riots and Leftist Willful Blindness

Stockholm riots Sweden

The train wreck of mass Islamic immigration in Europe — and the mass denial about it.

Muslim Days of Rage


How many near-simultaneous jihadist acts does it take to awaken the West?

They’ll Take Sweden

Sweden Riots

The riots keep spreading – and the media keep lying.

Gangs of ‘Youths’ Overrun Stockholm


Rioting continues to spiral as authorities refuse to name those responsible.

What’s Wrong with Sweden?


How the all-powerful socialist state destroys the spirit of human freedom — and why Swedes ask for more.