Pro-Hamas Mayor’s Nude Selfies Blamed on Jewish Conspiracy


The Jews are behind everything.

Switzerland Draws a Line on Immigration


And the EU goes on the warpath.

Oprah’s Witch-Hunt


With baseless racism accusations, Winfrey attempts to destroy a powerless shopgirl.

Swiss Say “Nein” to More Migration

If you want to see why open borders politicians loathe and hate democracy so much (at least until they manage to use immigration to rig it their way) look no further than Switzerland.

Exposé: Qatar’s Takeover of Europe


Buying Eurabia — one piece at a time.

How An Emigré From Switzerland Realized the American Dream


Business strategist Jacqueline B. Brandwynne shares her love of America — and her dread of an Obama second term.

Jihad Against the West: Our Fault?


U.S. government radio endorses Islamist narrative.

Cuba’s Healthcare Horror


The mainstream media can no longer cover up Castro’s atrocious record.

Obamacare: The Bankrupting of America

healing of america

Even when the Left is most passionately arguing its ideas it cannot help but sabotage itself.

Qaddafi Calls for Jihad on Swiss for Minaret Ban – AP

TRIPOLI, Libya — Liby’s leader called for a jihad, or holy war, against Switzerland on Thursday because of its ban on mosque minarets — escalating a long-running diplomatic feud between the two countries. Muammar Qaddafi also urged Muslims everywhere to boycott Swiss products and to bar Swiss planes and ships from the airports or seaports […]