Mideast Peace Talks and ‘Land for War’


What history tells us about Israeli territorial concessions to the Palestinians.

Even Obama’s Most Loyal Voters Oppose his Plan to Arm Syrian Terrorists


A proposal to have pedophiles hand out ice cream cones full of toxic waste to small children would probably poll better than running guns to terrorists.

Obama Ignored Syrian Christian Requests for Weapons

Not Christians, Obama Approved for Weapons Transfers

If only they were Muslims, Barack Obama would give them weapons.

Bibi and the True Believers


Why is Netanyahu going along with the Obama administration’s Mideast insanity?

Is Egypt the Next Syria? Qaradawi Calls on Muslims around the World to Wage Jihad in Egypt


Several Egyptian religious authorities have expressed surprise at Qaradawi’s reckless call for jihad in Egypt

How Liberal Jewish Groups Harm America and Israel


Why must the Jewish state always be the first to sacrifice?

Syrian Opposition Lobbies UN For Support


A jihadist-infested umbrella group intensifies its quest for international recognition.

Syrian Army Uses Chemical Weapons Against Palestinians


The only people capable of doing the kinds of things to the Palestinian Muslims that Israel is accused of doing… are other Muslims.

Syria and Commonsense


Americans are united in opposing sending arms to terrorists. So why is Washington ignoring them?

Israel’s Renewed Warning to Rogue Regimes


Why Iran’s mullahs should be very afraid.