Secretary of War


The bizarre possibility that John Kerry is the most hawkish member of the president’s cabinet.

The Kurds and the Future of Syria


Obama’s failure to cultivate a democratic alternative to the Islamist-led Syrian rebels.

Obama Brings 10,000 Syrians to America


Someone has to blow up the buildings that Americans won’t blow up.

John McCain’s Syria Delusions


The crucial questions the senator refuses to ask in his haste to arm jihadists.

The Calm Before the Jihadi Storm


Another 9/11 is only a matter of time — and Obama’s disastrous foreign policy is to blame.

Obama Lies America Into Another War


Syria is not America’s war. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood’s.

Only 11% of Americans Support Obama’s Plan to Arm Syrian Terrorists


Perhaps more significantly, those attitudes cut across party lines and almost all demographic groups.

Russia’s Syria Stand


The biggest danger from Russia is as an arms supplier. And for the most part everyone knows that.

Obama Official Admits They Would Have Lied About “Red Line” Breach


If a Bush official had said in 2002 that we’re going in and saying there are WMDs even if there aren’t any, it would have been on every front page of every paper for a week.

Obama Approves Weapons Shipments to Syrian Terrorists


A decision had been made and the decision is war