Russia and Iran Stoke the Flames of War

An S-300 missile

A warning to the West from Putin.

A Threatening World

Picture 14

Top minds in foreign affairs discuss the most dangerous global hotspots at the Freedom Center’s Texas Weekend.

Obama’s ‘Wait and See’ Foreign Policy


And how it is emboldening Salafists and Hezbollah.

Mass Anarchy Descending on Syria

Syrian rebels flash 'victory signs' in Aleppo

The grave jihadi threat on the horizon.

Showdown in Syria


Al Qaeda-linked rebels salivate as world powers contemplate drastic measures.

Rand Paul’s Bold Stand Against Arming Islamist Syrian Rebels

Apple CEO Tim Cook Testifies At Senate Hearing On U.S. Tax Code

A courageous effort to keep U.S. weapons out of al-Qaeda’s hands.

Thank you Hafez al-Assad


Your hatred has saved Israel.

Israel, Syria, Iran: Mounting Tensions and Threats


War with Assad and Hezbollah imminent?

How Syria Killed the “Arab Spring”


Will Obama fight a war to save it?

Syria, Cannibalism and Videotape


The dark chapters of Islam and human sacrifice.