Syria, Iran and the North Korean Model


Why the Islamic Republic is looking forward to new rounds in the nuclear negotiations game.

Video Evidence: Iran Fighting in Syria

Picture 13

Inside the fanatical mindset of the Islamic Republic.

Stealth Anti-Israelism from the British Media


Telling errors from the BBC on the jihad against the Jewish State.

Obama’s Move to Arm Al Qaeda in Syria

Islamic extremist fighters in Syria grow more ambitious

How long before the weapons are turned on us?

McCain Claims Syria Won’t Turn Al Qaeda Because of High Literacy Rate


Syria’s literacy rate is 79%. Iran’s is 77%. Pakistan’s is 79%. Palestinian Authority’s is 92%.

Syrian Opposition Elects Muslim Brotherhood Prime Minister


“He began to preach Friday sermons at mosques in 1997, but was stopped after two years by the authorities.”

The Roots of Obama’s Indecision


The ideological Catch-22 that cripples Obama’s calculations on Syria.

Can You Hear Me Now?


Remember when President Bush said Saddam sent Iraq’s chemical weapons into Syria?

Obama’s Foreign Policy: Theatre of the Absurd


A source of derision and amusement in domestic as well as foreign circles.

Pro-Islamist Fake News?


CNN’s questionable coverage of the Syria crisis.