Turkey Taking Advantage of War it Started to Sneak Up on Syrian Oil


“We think that the oil was originated in Syria and immigrated to Turkey.”

Syria Claims It’s the Only Thing Stopping a Jewish Takeover of the Planet


“To those who think this is just a conspiracy theory I invite them to read the policies included in the book of Isaiah

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Sex Jihad and Western Disbelief


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Obama’s Power and Its Limitations


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Obama’s ‘Stable’ New World: A Middle East In Flames

Barack Obama addresses the 68th United Nations General Assembly in New York

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Saddam’s Ticking Time Bomb


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Sex Jihadist Catches AIDS Serving Servicing Free Syrian Army Holy Warriors


“Women who die would do so in the way of Allah and become martyrs and enter paradise.”

Syria’s Christians Nearing ‘Extermination’


The spiritual leader of 150 million Orthodox Christians pleads with Obama.