Moderate Syrian Rebels Keep Moderately Joining ISIS


How very moderate of them.

“Stop Chasing Half-Naked Women,” Creepy Child Preacher Tells Terrorists, “Think of the 72 Virgins.”


“What’s the point of chasing the women of this world? Forget about those women.”

Obama Just Handed Over a Bunch of Anti-Tank Missiles to ISIS


Pouring weapons and money into Syria just means arming and funding ISIS.

Did Obama Make a Deal w/Assad to Avoid Bombing ISIS Oil Fields?


The United States should not be making deals that keep money flowing to terrorists.

Are Obama’s Air Strike Approvals Crippling US Fight Against ISIS?


“Obama, with zero experience — is going to be in charge of the air campaign?”

Turkey’s Islamist Tyrant Warns: Help Syrian Terrorists or I’ll Let Kurds Die


This is genocidal blackmail.

Free Syrian Army Brigade Armed w/Missiles by Obama Objects to Strikes on Al Qaeda


Haq had fought alongside Al Qaeda.

A Whole Lot of Republicans and Democrats Voted Against Arming Syrian Jihadists


More Democrats than Republicans voted against

Syrian Rebel Group Armed w/Missiles by Obama Signs Truce w/ISIS

Free Syrian Army fighters run for cover after Syrian forces fired a mortar in the El Amreeyeh neighborhood of Aleppo

“Al-Qaeda is not our problem.”

ISIS Takes Down its Last Al Qaeda Rival in Syria


Despite the air strikes, ISIS’ plans are moving forward