Is Russia Bringing Down Turkey’s Islamic Government Over Syrian Civil War?


Erdogan’s crisis began with a Russian crackdown

State Department Adviser on Extremism Urges US to “Befriend” Al Qaeda


“Designating his group as a terrorist organization might push it completely into al Qaeda’s camp.”

Obama’s False Syria Promises Don’t Stand Up to Reality

kerry assad

Obama has nothing to brag about in Syria or anywhere else in the Middle East

“Islam is My Identity. The Burqa is My Shield. Paradise is My Destination.”


Her husband wrote in one of his last posts: “Preparing for the grave”.

Al Jazeera Wishes Syrian Army Was Moral Like France… or Israel

An Israeli soldier places a national flag on grave of a fallen comrade in Jerusalem

“Why don’t they learn from the Israeli army which tries, through great efforts, to avoid shelling areas populated by civilians.”

Top Syrian Islamic Front Leader Comes Out as Al Qaeda


Now Kerry can begin arming moderate Al Qaeda to counterbalance the extremists

Muslim Terrorist States Argue Over Which of Them is Distorting Islam

Help, someone here is distorting the real Islam.

“Assad said that extremists distort the real Islam, which is tolerant,”

Family Thought Islam Would “Calm Down” Teen Who Joined Al Qaeda

Damian Clairmont

His text messages “became increasingly angry about Canada.”

Syrian Jihadist Sheikh Who Called for Murder of Jews and Gays Gets US Visa


“All the Jewish people are combatants,” al-Nabulsi wrote

Islamist Turkey’s Gun-Running to Syria Caught in Police Raids


Two senior Al-Qaida suspects were detained.