As Predicted, Syrian Emergency Task Force Dumps Elizabeth O’Bagy


On Sunday, I wondered how long it would take. On Monday, it happened.

How Long Until the Syrian Emergency Task Force Dumps Elizabeth O’Bagy?


O’Bagy was just a spokeswoman for a Syrian rebel front group. Now that the jig is up, her gig will soon be up too.

Kerry and McCain’s Syrian Rebel Expert Fired for Faking Academic Creds


I’m sure all the Christians murdered by her Jihadist friends share her pain.

Expert McCain and Kerry Used to Claim Syrian Rebels are Moderate Opposed Designating Al Qaeda Terrorists


“Given the circumstances and given their cooperation with the opposition as a whole, designating them now would be disastrous,”

Obama Inc. Funds Syrian Group Lobbying for US Intervention in Syria

The “Syrians” demand that we bomb Syria and the “Syrians” who want us to bomb Syria are funded by us