Assad: “This is a Victory for Syria Won Thanks to Our Russian Friends.”


Obama’s red line crack may in the long run have destroyed his second term.

Bashar Assad, Kept in Power by a Theocracy, Condemns Political Islam


Assad condemning “political Islam” is nothing short of hilarious.

Did Israeli Jets Bomb a Chemical Weapons Facility in Syria?

Israeli Jets

The Syrian civil war is unique in the sheer amount of lies, fake stories, videos and photos being put out by both sides.

Assad’s Israel Strategy


The Syrian redeployments could amount to as many as two divisions – up to 20,000 soldiers.

Reports of Coming Military Action in Syria


Iran and Assad will not take this lying down.

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Obama’s Syria Confusion


The president leads U.S. foreign policy into an unintelligible state of disarray.

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Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Convention

To view the complete Nancy Pelosi profile, click here. Excerpts from the Nancy Pelosi profile: Nancy Pelosi has represented California’s Eighth Congressional District (which includes most of San Francisco) in the House of Representatives since 1987…. In January 2007 she became the first female Speaker of the House in American history…. In January 2007, after President Bush announced his […]