Rebuttal of the Day: Iran Analysis from Beavis and Butthead

In the discussion on David Horowitz’s “Fox’s Affirmative Action Baby Whines” several leftist critics argued that the post contained racist remarks.
When I asked one commenter to specify which specific points were racist another one named Malcolm replied:
RE: David Swindle asking, What specific comments did you find racist?
1. “…to make him their black in residence” [...]

Media Matters asks: Did Glenn Beck’s mother really commit suicide?

Besides condemning anyone committing the latest “sin” — that is, referring to “illegal immigrants” as, er, “illegal immigrants” — Media Matters‘ “senior fellows” are now devoting their considerable energy and financial resources to one of the pressing issues of our time: whether or not Glenn Beck is lying about the way his mother died.
Like you, [...]

NewsReal Sunday: Pots and Kettles: Maddow and Schaeffer Call Evangelicals “Village Idiots” Who Must be Excluded from American Political Life

If your Evangelical Church had a business meeting today, Frank Schaeffer, son of Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer and owner of the world’s biggest daddy complex has an expression for what went on there—The lunatics running the asylum.
Using the pretext of a dubious poll question about whether Barack Obama is the anti-Christ, Rachel Maddow used guest [...]

Media Matters begging letter attacks Hannity and Beck, defends ACORN

They say you know you’re over the target when you’re drawing flak.
Last week, the George Soros-funded, self-styled media watchdog group Media Matters for America sent out an urgent fund raising email, which read in part:
The conservative media has a hit list, and, as you know, ACORN is its most recent target. Right-wing talkers like Glenn [...]

Artificial Sweetener: A Second Round of ACORN Covering Fire, a Defense From Our Childhood

Imagine this scene, one that we imagine is familiar to many readers: you’ve just done something of which your parents do not approve. Perhaps you’ve tracked mud into the house. Perhaps you were playing ball indoors and smashed a prize lamp. Your parents scold you, preparing to hand down their discipline sentence. “But,” you say, [...]

Glenn Beck, DiscoverTheNetworks, and exposing the left

In recent weeks, Glenn Beck has elevated political/news television to an entirely new level. Without fealty to any particular party, he is shining a light into the dark corners of a political cesspool that has been hidden for too long. He is taking the esoteric and making it accessible; taking the complex and making it [...]

Ed “Clarifies”: Not “All” Republicans Support Cancer, Death

As I reported yesterday, talk show host and MSNBC’s lowest rated host Ed Schultz Wednesday stated Republicans “want to see you dead,” “kinda like it” when women without insurance get cancer, and suggested Sen. Olympia Snowe allow cancerous tumors to spread through her body for two weeks before seeking treatment. Last night, he offered [...]

Manuel Zelaya: the Mouse that Roared

Like a bad penny that keeps coming back, ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya has slipped across the border back into Honduras and is now holed up in the Brazilian embassy, thrusting that country once again into the international spotlight.
Shortly after Zelaya’s attempts at subverting the constitution in an effort to give himself expanded powers (on [...]

Media Matters: where scare quotes magically transform facts into “smears”

One of the left’s favorite (and lamest) rhetorical tricks is to simply reprint one of their opponent’s statements, verbatim, and without comment. You see, the statement’s idiocy and offensiveness is self-evident, and will surely shock the conscience of any “right thinking” reader. No rebuttal required.
It’s a lazy, sophomoric ploy. I suppose the left has been [...]

Losing My Religion: Chris Matthews Now Agnostic on Dissenters’ Racism

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Well, first of all, I think it‘s important to realize that I was actually black before the election.
During the Ted Kennedy memorial coverage, Chris Matthews suddenly decided to become the voice of hard-headed reason on MSNBC—at least compared to his outwardly socialist colleagues who scream that anything less than government-run health care is [...]