The Egyptian Pyramid Scheme


The truth about the Arab Spring is that it never existed.

Raped in Tahrir Square for Daring to Oppose President Morsi


This is the story of a woman sexually assaulted for daring to oppose the Muslim Brotherhood regime that Barack Obama insists has to be part of any future Egyptian government.

Egypt: Now What?

Egyptian protesters

Morsi is gone, but the pro-Sharia forces aren’t.

Egypt Erupts


Anti-Morsi masses take to the streets.

The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Morsi’s Egypt


Yet another horrifying reality of the Obama-supported “Arab Spring.”

Egyptian Islamist Imam Says Tahrir Female Protesters are “Crusaders” Who “Want to be Raped”


Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, known as “Abu Islam” and owner of the private television channel of “al-Ummah,” said these women activists are going to Tahrir Square not to protest but to be sexually abused because they had wanted to be raped.

Flamethrowers and Knives Used to Stop Muslim Brotherhood Sexual Assaults in Tahrir Square (VIDEO)


Egypt’s ruling party is paying gangs of thugs to sexually assault women protesting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square against President Mohamed Morsi, activists said.

Group 95: How the Muslim Brotherhood’s Thugs Took Over Tahrir Square and Terrorizes the Opposition


The Muslim Brotherhood’s army of thugs are centralized within Group 95. Group 95 is led by Osama Yassin, who acted as the field coordinator in Tahrir Square during the protests and who is now the Youth Minister, which was his role within the Brotherhood, making it obvious once again that the Muslim Brotherhood is recreating the Egyptian government in its own image.

Muslim Brotherhood Tyrants Show Their True Faces


While the Obama administration stays mute.

Muslim Brotherhood’s “Paid Rapists” Sexually Assault Female Protesters


The newspaper spoke to two men who admitted they were paid to target female protestors. Victor and Tutu, both in their thirties, said they operate in a group of around 65 local men and got paid between £10 and £20 a time.