CAIR Bullies Teacher for Calling Taliban and Hamas Bullies

Behead those who insult islam_1

During a class discussion on bullying, she referred to Hamas and the Taliban as examples of organizations that use violence to “bully people.”

As Obama Leaves Afghanistan, Taliban Begins War on India

Pakistan imposed ban on Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan

The leader of Tehrik Taliban Pakistan Waliur Rahman Khan announced sending of terrorists in Kashmir and pledged to fight for the imposition of Sharia law in the State.

Taliban Not Actually Losing War in Afghanistan


The U.S.-led military command in Afghanistan incorrectly reported a decline last year in Taliban attacks and is preparing to publish corrected numbers that could undercut its narrative of a Taliban in steep decline.

Pakistan Says it Will Free the Leader of the Taliban


Obama’s newfound “flexibility” has enabled him to give the Taliban whatever they want, including their leader, while American soldiers go on dying in Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s Jihad on Polio Vaccines


Why 16 health aid workers in Pakistan had to die for trying to administer the life-saving drops to children.

Afghans Release 250 Terrorists Captured by the United States


Some 250 prisoners formerly held by the U.S. have been released by Afghan authorities in hopes that this will lead to reconciliation in the 11-year conflict, a Defense Ministry spokesman said Friday. The released prisoners had been captured in operations against the Taliban and other groups.

Droning On About the Drones

What is truly sickening, is that the propaganda report working on behalf of the Taliban who terrorize and murder girls tries to claim with a straight face that girls can’t go to school because of the American drones attacking the Taliban.

What About the Camp Bastion Attack?


Tragic terrorist attack was overshadowed by Benghazi, but critical questions remain.

Taliban Solution to Bad Press: Kill Journalists


The terror group is reeling from its botched attempt to assassinate a 14-year-old girl.

Afghanistan: War of the Social Workers


What we were really fighting for — and why we lost.