Taqiyya about Taqiyya


Ezra Levant’s recent court trial — and what it exposes about the Islamic doctrine permitting Muslims to lie to non-Muslims.

Tawriya: Islamic Doctrine of ‘Creative Lying’


A brand of Islamic deception known by few in the West — and more widespread than most realize.

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Taqiyya vs. Our President


Is Taqiyya winning?

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Toxic Taqiyya


Islam’s art of employing trickery and deceit to mislead unbelievers.

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The Return of Tariq Ramadan


Inside the world-view of a master deceiver.

Yes, There Are Moderate Muslims and Here Is One

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten angry e-mails from people condemning all one billion members of the faith of Islam, saying the religion is so evil that all of its followers must be hostile to democracy and closet jihadists fighting for worldwide theocracy. Any moderate Muslim whom I respect or even have [...]

Symposium: The Transformation of Hamas?


Is Hamas ready to accept Israel and become a democratic force if engaged properly by the U.S.?

Carrots for Khartoum – by Faith J. H. McDonnell


Now is not the time to reward Sudan’s repressive regime.