Obama & Kerry’s First Foreign Policy Success


An administration achieves banning flights to Israel — while simultaneously continuing to fund Hamas.

Revenge: Obama’s Targeting of Standard and Poor’s


What emails reveal about the administration’s vindictive activities after America’s credit downgrade.

Obama IRS’s Crimes Against Americans to go Unpunished


Sham “investigation” by an Obama donor claims no wrong-doing — who’s fighting back?

ObamaGate: Obama’s Scandals & The Totalitarian Future

Picture 4

Warriors against Obama’s persecution campaign sound off at Restoration Weekend.

Obama’s IRS Still Persecuting Conservatives


The more leftist bullying changes, the more it stays the same.

IRS Scandal: One Step Removed From the White House


The administration’s story goes down in flames. Who will be next to fall?

Smoking Gun: The IRS’s Abuse of Obama’s Pro-Israel Enemies


A damning new revelation on the targeting of conservative and Jewish groups.

Gibson Guitar and the Politics of Persecution


Why there is now little doubt the raid on the iconic guitar-maker was politically motivated.

IRS Targeting of Conservatives: Indisputably Political


Conservative groups have a fraction of the assets — and face immensely more auditing.

What the Obama Scandals Reveal About Progressive Ideology


Why it’s no accident that soft despotism emerged on the Left’s watch.