Truthy: The Tax-Funded Speech Monitoring and Suppression Project


One professor’s million-dollar campaign against conservatives, courtesy of the taxpayer.

The Real GSA Scandal: Job-Killing Big Labor Payoffs


For Obama’s donors and cronies, the party’s still on.

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Bureaucrats Paid for Not Working


Obama’s egregious executive order diverting federal money to unions.

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Geithner’s New York Fed Pushed AIG To Keep Sweetheart Deals Secret – Huffington Post

An arm of the Federal Reserve, then led by now-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, told bailed-out insurance giant AIG to withhold key details from the public about overpayments that put billions of extra tax dollars in the coffers of major Wall Street firms, most notably Goldman Sachs. The sordid tale unfolds in a series of e-mails […]