Taxed Legal Pot More Expensive than Untaxed Illegal Pot

Legalize Weed uncle sam

Prices hit close to $400 per ounce, not including taxes

The Pope and Capitalism


Explaining the great blessing of the free market system to humanity.

I Work for the Government


How entrepreneurs spend more time toiling for the state than for their families.

Do Americans Prefer Deception?


Do employers really pay half of all Medicare and Social Security taxes? Or do workers pay it all?

PunditFact/PolitiFact: Media Bias Strikes Again — At Me


When “fact-checkers” can’t be trusted.

Glitch?: IRS Funnels Billions to Illegal Aliens


While the agency refuses to change its ways.

Uber-Liberal Politicians Will Set NYC Back Many Years


The destructiveness of class warfare.

Obama’s Death and Taxes Economy


Masquerading social policies as economic policies.

What’s Wrong with Sweden?


How the all-powerful socialist state destroys the spirit of human freedom — and why Swedes ask for more.

Gov. Rick Perry: Why Texas Works

Picture 3

The governor describes the keys to the Lone Star State’s success at the Freedom Center’s Texas Weekend.