Heritage Is Right About Amnesty Costs


Taxpayers and low-skilled workers will suffer the most for the Gang of 8’s political folly.

Taxation Without Representation in New York


Non-citizens poised to obtain the right to vote in the Big Apple.

President Obama, Please Don’t Audit Me and 5WPR


A chilling revelation for business-owners from the IRS.

Taxes Are Up and Entrepreneurship Is Plummeting


The tragic new normal for small business under Obama.

Let’s Tax Everything: The Flu Tax


Why is the 1 percent living it up with their solid gold hypodermic needles and silk bandages without paying their fair share to subsidize the post office, green energy billionaires and single mothers with eight kids from different fathers?

Bill Maher’s Tax Hypocrisy


Why the change of heart?

John Brennan’s Islamic Conversion Moment? — on The Glazov Gang


A former FBI agent makes some troubling allegations about how Obama’s CIA nominee spent his time in Saudi Arabia.

The Unholy Alliance vs. Valentine’s Day — on The Glazov Gang


“Dallas” star Morgan Brittany joins PolitiChick warrior Ann-Marie Murrell and Hollywood actor Dwight Schultz to discuss The Unholy Alliance vs. Valentine’s Day. The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on why Islamists and the radical Left hate the Day of Love. The Gang referred to Jamie Glazov’s recent article, Hating Valentine’s. The segment also […]

Facebook to Pay Zero Taxes, Will Receive $429 Million Tax Refund


In entirely unrelated news, Facebook employees were the 10th highest Silicon Valley company donors to Obama.

Liberal Economic Guru: “Death Panels and Middle Class Taxes Are How We Do This”


The real goal of the left is the destruction of the middle class. Then force government health care on everyone and fine tune when your citizens stop living, which will take central planning to a whole new level.