The IRS Scandal Blows Wide Open


Unearthed emails reveal Lois Lerner conspired with DOJ to criminally prosecute “political” groups.

Lois Lerner’s Lies and Cover-Up Revealed


A bombshell report pierces the veil of IRS persecution of conservatives.

No, the Tea Party Shouldn’t Avoid Social Issues


In 2011, the Tea Party had a favorability rating of 33 percent.

Republican Leaders Fight Back Against IRS Power Grab


GOP stands up for free participation in the democratic process.

White Democrats Accuse Black IRS Inspector General of Being Pro-Tea Party

Acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel Testifies On IRS Practices

Two House Democrats called for an investigation of a federal auditor

Schumer is Ignorant and Wrong About the Temperance Movement

Not the Tea Party

They were the kind of liberal reformers who today go to work as community organizers.

SEALS Forbidden to Wear Navy Jack Because it Resembles Tea Party Flag


“The Jack is too closely associated with radical groups.”

What’s Right about Ted Cruz & the Tea Party


The Republican Party can’t win if it won’t fight.

Chris Noth: Another ‘Brain Dead’ Actor


Hollywood’s political xenophobia on full display.

Fort Hood Ignored Nidal Hassan, Now Warns of Tea Party Terror Threat

All-American-Muslim-Publicity-Image -blazingcatfur

Soldiers were told evangelical Christians and Tea Party members were a threat to the nation