Three American Teachers Slaughtered for Christian Faith


The gruesome intolerance of the Muslim world.

Georgia High School Teachers: ‘Political Advocates’ for Illegal Aliens


Terrorist Bill Ayers leads the way for the leftist education establishment.

Minority Students in Chicago: Hostages of the Democratic Party

Chicago Teachers Go On Strike For First Time In 25 Years

Oppressive Democrat-union alliance leaves few options for the youth of the Windy City.

Something’s Rotten in Denmark Schools


A model teacher risks losing her job for speaking the truth about Muslim students.

The Radicalization of Teacher Education


What are our educators learning before they teach our children?

Fleeing Public Schools


Declining enrollment foreshadows a brighter future for America’s youth.

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Schools of Education: The Academic Slums


Why the failing education system is directly related to left-wing orthodoxy infecting teaching colleges.

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