The Left’s Ted Cruz Freakout


Cruz’s enemies line up against him — just the way he likes it.

Cruz: If a Liberal Republican Runs, Conservative Voters Will Stay Home

ted cruz

“Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

Ted Cruz Gets It Right Again on Scott Panetti Case


“It’s important that the law be followed.”

Unity With the Persecuted


Senator Ted Cruz and Author Eric Metaxas at the “In Defense of Christians” Summit.

Ted Cruz’s a Badge of Honor


The senator’s courageous stand against virulent Jew hatred.

Good News: Politifact Agrees Dem Constitutional Amendment Might Jail SNL


It has my vote.

The Unfair and Dishonest Media Attacks on Ted Cruz

US Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on 'The Impact of Sequestration on the National Defense'

Sabotaging a conference for persecuted Christians on Hezbollah’s behalf is criminally stupid.

Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann’s ISIS Denaturalization Bills

Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz

“By fighting for ISIS, U.S. citizens have expressed their desire to become citizens of the Islamic State”

Down to the Wire


Congress struggles to clip Obama’s amnesty wings.

Obama & Kerry’s First Foreign Policy Success


An administration achieves banning flights to Israel — while simultaneously continuing to fund Hamas.