The Legacy of Intervention


Why leftists, especially intellectuals, are the least likely to suspect that they are ignorant of the things with which they meddle.

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Obama on the (Class) Warpath


The president bets on redistribution to guarantee his reelection.

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Beware of Obama’s Dodd-Frank Czar


Why Richard Cordray cannot be sworn in as regulatory czar.

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Barack and Teddy


Obama has many of Roosevelt’s worst instincts and policies.

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Chis Matthews: TR More Popular than Abe?

The weekend Chris Matthews show is generally made up of echo-chamber panels who– no matter what the polling– assure each other enthusiastically that Barack Obama is a political genius besides being our Dear Leader.
Today, after everyone had loudly proclaimed that the Obama proposed takover of the financial system was a political home run, not to [...]

Harry Reid, Uncensored – by Michael Reagan


The apologies the Senator owes.