Third Round of Nuclear Talks: Ignoring the Threats


The international community abandons all responsibility for holding Iran accountable.

Iranians Chant Death to America and to Israel


Obama’s outreach to a fanatical regime and its consequences.

The Obama Administration’s Iran Delusions


How the Iranian masters of buying time have just gained even more from the U.S. president.

Jihadist Junket


The disturbing rhetoric and radical associations of the pro-Occupy Wall Street professors who sojourned to Tehran.

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College Feminists Protest Fashion Spread as “Aryan”

Your college dollars at work, parents! At Ohio University, the cuckoo pants is in full swing. Ohio University has a student-run magazine called Backdrop Magazine. They decided to have a little fashion spread in their Spring issue. No big whoop, right? Wrong:
Enter OU hyperfeminist Bethany Francis.  Francis is a theater production major, [...]

Will the West Back the Jihad or Israel?


The stakes are more than very high.

The Revolution Within


How the Iranian Freedom Institute and the Green Youth can topple the Iranian regime

The Appeaser


The troubling unwillingness of Obama to confront our enemies and protect our friends.

Symposium: The World’s Most Wanted: A “Moderate Islam”


Four top experts on Islamic theology battle it out on whether a democratic and liberal Islam exists — or can exist.

Betraying Iranian Women


U.N Commission on the Status of Women looks to Iran for advice on women’s rights.