Tennessee Bans UN Election Monitors

UN ceasefire monitors in Syria tour the Damascus suburbs

And good riddance

Dhimmitude in Tennessee


The Nashville Jewish Federation apologizes for telling the truth about Islamic anti-Semitism.

Free Speech Battle in Small-Town Tennessee


Americans fight back against Obama’s attempt to subvert the First Amendment.

Tennessee’s Troubling Islamist Network


Home to the Holy Land Foundation II?

A Sharia Financier in the TN Governor’s Office


Making Tennessee a more Sharia-compliant place to do business.

The Return of Cap and Trade


The Kerry-Lieberman act is an extreme overreaction to a non-problem.

The Company the Pauls Keep

Ron & Rand Paul will be the first to tell you how much they revere George Washington, how they’re the Last Politicians In America ™ who are faithfully carrying out his ideas. But there’s one lesson the Father of our Country took to heart growing up that the Pauls somehow missed:
Associate yourself with Men of [...]

How the Campuses Helped Ruin California’s Economy


Brain-dead demonstrations.

The War on Coal


How a new regulatory scheme could undermine coal power and raise energy costs for Americans.

Howard Fineman Belly-flops Into The Keith Olbermann Crazy Pool

I make a habit of not paying attention to Keith Olbermann much for the same reason I wouldn’t pay attention to a grimy, addlepated hobo on the streetcorner wearing a sandwich board that said ”Will Drop Pants for Food”. I think him about as intelligent as a pet rock and as sensible as a pair of 4-inch stiletto heels [...]

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