UK Convert to Islam Dreamed of Marrying Man Who Would “Terrorize” Non-Muslims


“I asked for a man that would go forth, give all he could for Allah and live a life of terrorising the disbelievers.”

Muslim Sheikh Who Incited Zanzibar Acid Attack, Shot, Taken into Custody


Sheikh Ponda was arrested in October 2012 for stoking religious hatred after Muslim protesters vandalised and torched five churches. He was released in May.

Islamist Group Suspected in Acid Attack on Two Jewish Girls


When it comes to acid attacks, it’s never the Buddhists or the Presbyterians or the Unitarians

Muslim Privilege: Muslims Are the Real Victims of Marathon Massacre

muslim interfaith

The bodies of the latest Muslim atrocity aren’t cold before the media spin artists begin pushing the line that it’s their killers who are the real victims.

Rich Muslims More Likely to Support Terrorism than Poor Muslims

Asian Games

To understand what causes terrorism, one need not ask how much of a population is illiterate or in abject poverty. Rather one should ask who holds strong enough political views to impose them through terrorism.