Pakistan Gives $4 Mil to Terrorist Group Behind Mumbai Massacre

This massacre was brought to you by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Once again the US is funding the terrorists it’s fighting.

Canada’s Terrorist Takedown


A lesson for the U.S. in inter-agency counter-terrorism collaboration.

‘Branding Terror’ and the Art of Propaganda


A new book conceals the insidious nature of jihadist symbols.

Hollywood’s Islam-Free Terrorism


The entertainment industry still can’t face the real enemy.

U.S. Foreign Policy Is Failing Worldwide


Enemies rejoice over a new era of U.S. disengagement from the world stage.

The Morality of Occupation


Lessons from the post-WWII era for today’s Israel.

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 1

Palestinian TV praises man who beat 84-year-old man to death as a “giant hero.”

We Don’t Have a Spying Problem — We Have an Immigration Problem

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Would domestic surveillance be necessary without so many enemy “American citizens” at large?

Texas Mega-Church Leader Partners with Muslim Brotherhood Front

Bob Roberts

Unmasking the stealth jihadists and their “interfaith” collaborators.

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 17

What a “moderate” Palestinian leader says he would do if he had a nuke.