Obama Refuses to Meet With American-Israeli Victims of Muslim Terror

Malki Roth HYD with flute

Bauer asked that he and other American victims of terror be granted an audience with President Obama, but has been met with silence.

A Little Village in the Hills — And the Palestinian Monsters It Spawns


The New York Times celebrates a Palestinian town that worships child killers.

Will Obama Confront Abbas on Palestinian Terror Surge?


What the president should say to the corrupt leadership in Ramallah.

Obama’s Assault on the Constitution

Picture 18

An expert panel of legal scholars unmasks the president’s lawless agenda.

Jewish Lawyer for Taliban Terrorist Demands Exclusion of Jews from Jury


“Your Honor . . . as you know, I’m not wild about having Jews on the jury in this case,” Cohn told Brooklyn federal Judge Eric Vitaliano in February.

Terrorism Without End


Until we start fighting the sponsors of jihad as well as the jihadists, the war will never be over.

Michael Behenna: Imprisoned for Killing a Terrorist


Soldiers in combat zones not permitted the same right to self-defense as police officers.

Obama Forces U.N. Silence on Syrian Slaughter

Cars burn in Damascus after explosion

International community passes on opportunity to condemn heinous act of terror.

Is God Against Drones?


For the Christian Left, no method of national defense is justified.

How the U.S. Aids Hamas Through the Palestinian Authority


Your tax dollars at work.