Bounty and Blindness


The State Department offers a reward for the capture of a terrorist leader — but won’t call his group a “terrorist” organization.

Turkish-Islamist Infiltration of Germany

Picture 13

A Facebook picture tells a 1,000 words.

‘New’ Arab Peace Initiative: Same Old Failed Plan


Why do the Arabs deserve territory captured by Israel in wars it didn’t initiate?

Extremist Muslim Moderates and Moderate Muslim Extremists


The blurry line between terrorists and their tacit supporters.

Mainstreaming Hamas


The genocidal terrorist organization’s lobby of the West pays off.

Muslim Soldier Stabber in France was Also Convert


French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said, but he urged caution and said: “I cannot talk about radical Islam.”

Obama Surrenders the War on Terror


Correcting the lies in the president’s surreal speech on the “end” of Islamic terrorism.

Islam’s War of Annihilation Against Hindus


India besieged.

Obama’s Brother Works With Man Who Attacked U.S. Embassy

Kenya Obama's Brother

Is Malik Obama’s deep association with Sudan’s Hitler a news story?

Muslim Terrorists Use Media as Human Shields While Throwing Firebombs (VIDEO)


Welcome to Israel where the Media-Terrorist complex is doing its usual bang up job of encouraging terrorists while taking award winning photos.