Jihad in Boston?

Boston Marathon Explo_Lieb

The politics of a terror attack.

As Israelis Mourn, Jordanians Glorify a Terrorist


The killer of more than half-a-dozen Israeli school girls may be released from prison for his “heroic” act.

Muslim Terror or Not Muslim Terror


The man was seen wearing a black sweatshirt & had a black packback. Possible foreign national based on accent

Vast Majority of Jordanian Parliament Calls for Release of Man Who Murdered 7 Israeli Schoolgirls


The parliamentary memo described Dagamseh as a “hero,” calling for a special pardon to release him.

Palestinian Stone Attacks and Double Standards


Only when it is used against Israelis is stoning not seen as a violation of human rights.

Keith Ellison Headlines Group Run by Terror Lawyer


The disturbing ties of the Islamist group Emerge-USA — and the politicians who participate in its events.

A Bad Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Radical Tree


How Barbara Ehrenreich and her son exploit other people’s suffering to make the story all about themselves.

Can Buying Food Contribute to Terrorism?


The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America partners with terror-financier ISNA.

Obama: “Just Sign an Agreement and Israel and Palestine Will Be Just Like America and Canada”


Canada has not turned its educational system into a hate machine teaching its children that their goal in life is to kill Americans. If it had then no peace would be possible regardless of how many agreements were signed.

Obama and the Jihad

Picture 82

Distinguished panel discusses the threats we face from without and within at the Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat.