More People Must Care about CAIR


If only CAIRophobia were more contagious.

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NJ Dem Congressman Called Hamas Member “Peaceloving”


“Mohammad Qatanani, spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, posed a hypothetical question: What if the charity did support the children of suicide bombers? What would be wrong with that, he wondered?

A Just Verdict in the Rachel Corrie Case


The patron saint of the pro-terror Left was not killed by Israel.

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Religious Left Infatuation with Puerto Rican Terror


Where exactly does Scripture call for endorsing the murderous crimes of guilty prisoners?

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Writing on the Wall for Egyptian/Israeli Peace


How long before the other shoe drops?

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The EU’s Bigotry Against Israel


The European-Arab alliance has a long history.

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‘Rehabilitating’ Jihadis With Cage-Fighting?


Former radical trains convicted terrorists in violence to “cure” them.

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The Oslo Accords Are Dead — And the Palestinians Killed Them


Why the Palestinian Authority no longer has any legitimacy.

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Iran’s Axis of Terror Draws Closer


But the Islamic Republic’s preoccupation with Syria may be a good thing for the rest of the world.

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Israel’s Sinai Dilemmas


When fighting terror can mean boosting terror.

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