Terrorist Attack Thwarted Against English Defence League


A civil explosion avoided in Great Britain?

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: June 2012


Christians murdered, churches burned, and Obama whitewashes.

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Obama’s Fourth War


After three disastrous failures, the president gears up for a Syrian misadventure.

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‘Electronically Supervised’ Terrorist Arrested Near Olympic Site


Britain’s embarrassing security negligence.

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The Olympic Spirit and the Islamic Spirit


How fear of terrorism became as much a part of the games as symbols of torches and rings.

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The Last Chance to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Quest?


Expect strikes against Arab countries and even the West as the regime grapples with sanctions.

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Thwarted Terror Attack Reveals Iranian Desperation


Amid new sanctions, the Islamic Republic turns to state-sponsored terrorism against the U.S., Israel and the West.

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2012


Christians continue to be tortured, slaughtered, and even crucified.

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Is Israel the Last Jewish Ghetto?


The security walls that the futile hopes for peace built.

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Mali: West Africa’s Afghanistan


Since the fall of Gadhafi, radical Islamists have been flocking to the new terrorist safe haven.

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